7 Sites to Source Royalty Free Stock Images for Commercial Use

Share and download photos freely! Read this article and discover the best 7 sites to source royalty free stock images for commercial use!


Where do I find suitable photos for my site? How can I make sure I don’t get in a complicated situation for the photos I use? How much I need to pay for the photos? Can I download these photos for free? Where can I find free stock photos? Do any of these questions sound familiar to you? These are common questions among web owners, bloggers, and creative individuals!

It is really simple to open up your search browser and do a little image search, copy or download the photos, and then add these photos into your blog post or article. However, this action can lead to huge financial consequences.You need to keep in mind that you are not allowed to use copyright protected photos on your website, on your blog or in any content.

So, before you get slapped with a financial fine form a licensed sports team or from Getty Images, be sure your content is being sourced in the right way. You need to understand the types of CC0 license or Creative Commons Zero license and how to use them appropriately. Some photos demand licensing and purchase, while others only require attribution.

So where to find great photos without breaking the bank?

Here are 7 popular sites to source royalty free images for commercial use:

  • Pic Jumbo This website hosts a huge selection of categories from food, to weddings, to animals and etc. You can use them for many different projects. You can not limited!
  • Life of Pix Free and high-quality photos for both personal and commercial purposes. All photos published on this website are licensed under CC0 license.
  • SplitShire A very popular website that offers free stock photos for commercial sure. The photos here are amazing, original, and they don’t require attribution.
  • Public Domain Archive – An amazing selection of stock photos. There is always something beautiful on the homepage.
  • Free Range Stock Only 50% of the photos are of a high-quality. A registration is required before downloading!
  • Little Visuals All photos are licensed under CC0 license!
  • Death to the Stock Photo This is the place you need to come to if you want to discover thousands of free stock photos!

Take some time to discover the sites and choose your favorite one!

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