Top 5 Free Photography Websites for Quality Copyright Free Photos

Are you a blogger, a web owner or an entrepreneur trying to find free photos to add to your website or blog? Here are 5 free photography websites that offer quality free images!

Whether you are an aspiring photographer looking for inspiration, a blogger looking for the perfect images to add on your blog or an upcoming entrepreneur trying to find free photos to add to your professional website, it is never a bad idea to have a stock photography website at your disposal.

In this article, we are going to present you the best 5 photography websites that offer quality and free images! But, before we present our top choices, let’s clear some things – You are not always allowed to use the photos online for free. Why?

Some websites allow you to download photos for personal use, for example, background wallpapers, however, they don’t allow to use these photos for commercial purposes. This involves instances such as websites, business cards, posters, and etc. That is why we alway recommend to check the website policy so you can be absolutely sure whether or not you are allowed to use a specific image.

The websites on our list are protected under CCO license or Creative Commons license. These websites either support or they are fully composed of Creative Commons photos available in the public domain. The photo owners have allowed to edit, modify, and use their photos without copyright backlash.

There are two things you need to know before you use CCO photos – Even though you don’t have to give credit to the owner, it is highly recommended to do it in order to promote his efforts. Also, these websites usually have a Donate page. If you use free photo hosting sites often, you can consider this option and donate to their cause.

Here are our 5 best choices:

  1. – A great website where you can find a huge selection of high-quality photos! Once you register for a free membership, you will get access to thousands of high-quality photos will be at your disposal at no cost. All of the website’s photos can be used for both personal and commercial projects.
  2. Unsplash – This is probably one of the most popular photography websites for free stock photos! Not only they are popular for their huge selection of free stock photos, but they also promote creative graphic design work done by users with their special MadeWith section.
  3. Pexels – Started two years ago, Pexels has grown to develop a pretty fascinating stock photo library. They help writers, designers, programmers, artists, and bloggers to get access to amazing photos that they can use for free. This motivates them to create amazing designs, websites, products, apps, stories, art, and etc. Pexels is a unique website that outsources photos from other high-quality sites such as Little Visuals, Gratisography, and more.
  4. Flickr – We think that there is no person who hasn’t heard about Flickr. Even though Flickr is not dedicated to free or public domain photos, they have a huge library of high-quality public domain photos. You can choose from the 3 million photos available.
  5. Life of Pix – This website is a heaven for free stock photos! The website also offers impressive stock video footage, free of charge.

Besides these 5 popular photography websites, you can also check StockSnap, Pixabay, and Wikimedia. All of these websites offer stunning photographs you can use for both personal and commercial projects. Remember to check the website policy and determine whether or not attribution is required! Enjoy the best, high-quality, and free stock photography the online world has to offer!